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Central Ohio Business Leader Shawn Cunix supports Team Focus' Night with Urban Meyer

The 2nd annual “Night with Urban Meyer”, which took place on April 17th, was a resounding success. The event brings in much of the funds required to keep the hosting charity, Team Focus, running smoothly throughout the year. Sponsors and individuals who donated to Team Focus enjoyed meeting and listening to Ohio State football coach, Urban Meyer and former National Champion Quarterback, Craig Krenzel, while they bid on items for charity. Team Focus board member, Shawn Cunix was a leader in making the event such a success. The mission of Team Focus Inc. is to provide a year-round program of support, encouragement and Godly values that foster the development of life skills in young men (ages 10-18) without a father figure in their lives, bridge the fatherless gap and support the family structure. Team Focus offers support in a relaxed, cost-free atmosphere thanks in large part to events like this one. If you would like to donate or learn more, visit:

Entrepreneur, Shawn Cunix expressed that he and everyone a part of Team Focus was especially excited for this night. Shawn made his fortune as one of the most successful Verizon retailers in the country, but now focuses on “inspiring happiness in others” any way he can. When people ask Shawn how to go about choosing from the countless charities to support, he insists that it should be “something you believe in and that you’re passionate about.” Shawn is particularly moved by Team Focus and its cause because it “hits so close to home.” He spent most of his childhood without any guidance from his own father. Now Shawn values the opportunity to “save [a young person] from a lot of heart ache.” Shawn contends that everyone has the potential to do great things and be happy. All they need is someone to inspire them and “light them up.” This philosophy is the root of Shawn’s Inspire Happiness initiative. It manifests in five core values: Passion, Integrity, Empowerment, Family, and Community. You can learn more at Shawn’s site,

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