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Core Values & Why They Matter

If you don’t know the core values of your company or the company you are in, you should probably stop what you’re doing and learn them.

A company's core values are similar to the seed of a tree. They represent a backbone, serving as a guide as your company makes the sometimes-exhausting journey on the road to success and beyond. These values breed culture, vision, and inspiration, and serve as a blueprint for everyone on your team to follow. Bearing in mind that no matter how much the company expands, no matter how many branches of that tree may grow, it will always come from that seed of core values used as a North Star in situations that may be unfamiliar or strenuous. Whenever tasked with a situation, you can use the company's core values to provide guidance in your decision-making process.

We believe that the Toy Barn’s core values expand to more than just doing business. A few of the Toy Barns’ core values include trust, inspiring happiness, as well as giving back to others. We don’t prioritize one core value we have over another as we believe that they are all simultaneously important and always get the best end results when they work in harmony. We uphold our values in every interaction we have. We love to participate in fundraisers as well as host them to help charitable causes and will do almost anything to put a smile on someone's face who enjoys the cars as much as we do.

One core value we follow at the Toy Barn is trust. Why trust? Because trust is the foundation of building any relationship. When the owner of the Toy Barn bought the dealership, he understood that trust was a common problem with dealerships. He wanted to create a car dealership that customers could trust. With that, everyone working at the Toy Barn above all, is there to build relationships--not just transactions. The goal is not just a one-time deal, but instead to make lifelong relationships that can be enjoyed longer than the life of a car.

We also love to inspire happiness and give back through our business as it can be the most rewarding part of work we can do. At the Toy Barn we have some very unique cars that you may not see on a day-to-day basis. Some of them are even loud, wild-looking cars, the kind of cars you might have on a poster on your wall as a kid, or as a background on your phone as a dream car. Being able to showcase those rare and unique cars to others in the community allows us to spread joy and happiness, which is priceless. We love to do our best to give back through fundraisers, car meets, and more. With one of our most recent trips to Nationwide Children's Hospital, we were able to surprise some of the kids there with some pretty fun cars, allowing them to sit in and check out three supercars. Being able to see them smile is the best reward.

At the end of the day business is about relationships, and it’s also about the people you form relationships with along the way. Without the people and relationships formed along the way we wouldn’t be able to succeed. At the Toy Barn, that means establishing long-term relationships of happiness, trust, and community.

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